Our Mission

Azachorok Incorporated is a for-profit ANCSA Village corporation that invests in sustainable business opportunities for the benefit of shareholders while preserving traditional our subsistence culture and values.

"We believe in creating a better tomorrow for our shareholders and community through economic and social opportunities. We also envision our communities living healthy subsistence lifestyles. We balance making profits, seeking opportunities and increasing shareholders value."


Loren Peterson

Chairman & President


Peter Andrews

Vice Chairman


Anita Andrews



Shirley Kowchee



Arlene Landlord

Assistant Secretary


Marlene Flynn



Heather Polty


About Us

Azachorok Inc. is one of the Alaska Native village corporations created by the U.S. Congress in 1971 under the provisions of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), settling land ownership disputes between the federal government, the State of Alaska and the indigenous land owners.

A proactive and flourishing village corporation in the Western Alaska region and headquartered in Mountain Village, Alaska, Azachorok serves approximately 522 shareholders. Azachorok provides advocacy on behalf of the shareholders and their families in the Kusilvak region.
Realizing the Kusilvak region endures the largest socio-economic challenges in the state, Azachorok board and staff are working to address corporate and tribal interests that would elevate the status of the region.

Azachorok's work is to increase profits on operations to provide dividends and provide financial security for shareholders so that they can continue in subsistence lifestyles and remain resilient in culture and identity.
Azachorok collaborates with local entities to support sustainable economic opportunities, land stewardship, and providing critical infrastructure for the community of Mountain Village.

Azachorok operates a heating fuel company in Mountain Village, Alaska and a military contracting company in Palmdale, California.
Azachorok is working to diversify businesses and investments to build a profitable corporation while investing in the shareholder communities for the continued increase in quality of life in our communities.